Tuesday, April 11

Second School

Well, there's really not much to tell about my second school. From here on out, known as "Second School" or SS for short. Apparently they weren't expecting me - remember, I hadn't been introduced at that school yet - so I ended up coming in in the middle of their meeting. As it was the third day of school, there were no schedules yet, just orientation. Apparently Japanese schools feel orientation is very important, so there is a lot of it. Like 4 days worth. Our kids in the States - just throw them into class and maybe have a class meeting at some point that week.
So, since there were no real classes I was told, and I quote "stay here." Meaning in the freezing faculty room. So I did. For 8 hours. A few people tried to talk to me, if it was in Japanese I mostly had no idea what they were talking about. But for the most part I was left alone to my own devices which included writing in my journal, reading the activities book provided by my company, reworking my introduction lesson plans for the JHS, "studying" some Japanese in my little phrasebook, looking out the window and trying to summon the will to go on under such cold conditions. And not look totally bored at the same time. All dressed up in my suit with nothing to do. And the English teachers didn't really talk to me, which was disappointing. Just made me love my LMS all the more.
At one point I got up and walked around the school, met some of the kids, tried not to harden into an Abbey-senseicicle.
Finally, at the end of the day, around 4, I saw the kids going out to their club activities, so I asked one of the English teachers what time I was supposed to stay until, but she didn't know. They decided that 4 was an appropriate time, so I made tracks, with no shame in cutting out.
Made it to the post office in time to get some money out so I wouldn't have to walk to school today (35-minute drive up a mountain), got gas so I wouldn't have to walk today, and some grub so I wouldn't have to starve today.
Tomorrow I'm at an elementary school, so if they're actually having classes I should have some real stories to tell!


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