Monday, November 21

Penis Palace to Imperial Palace

Taking my leave from Tokyo Tower, I headed for that "big green space" previously spotted from atop the tower. First I went around back for some on-the-ground pics (see previous posting) and was intrigued by a mysterious path leading into some trees next to the tower lot. Here is what I found.

The path on which this little shrine - and accompanying Coca Cola-sponsored benches - was found lead me down to a shady (in more than one sense) little park, where I tried to sit and write in my journal, but got attacked by mosquitoes and was wary of the folks sleeping on benches... Although apparently that's not too uncommon for folks of all walks of life.

The sound in the park, as it was full of trees, was deafening. In Tokyo (or anywhere in Japan, it appears) the sound of the cicadas is ridiculous. Even where there are no trees around (ie, the balcony of my bf's apartment) the Cry of the Cicada can be heard: "Wah, wah, wah, waaaaaaaah." And it is LOUD. Here's one for your viewing pleasure. And yes, it is as big as it looks.

Ok, from there I was on to the Big Green Space. For real, now. I swear. I ended up walking down a long street, Sakurada-dori, and here are some things I saw:

Some plastic offerings at a Chinese restaurant. Many restaurants will have displays of plastic versions of the meals they offer. And where does one go to purchase such a thing? Why, the Kappabashi district, of course!

Toto, are we still in Kansas?

No, Dorothy, we are not.

Many of the icons of American life have taken the cue of Matthew Perry (the Commodore, not the Friend) and found their way into Japanese society. One may also find Denny's, McDonald's (of course), Disneyland, etc., etc..

An entrance to a Tokyo Metro station. Pretty, isn't it?

Inside Sakuradamon Gate.

Typical shot of the Meganebashi Bridge and Imperial Palace.

I will leave you with a "postcard" shot of the Kikyomon Gate. Thank you, little swan, for your impeccable timing.


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