Thursday, December 22

My House

Welcome to my house.
I drew it on I screwed up and lost the code to post the house here, but I did make my own street.
So come live with me! Build a house on Abbey Pl.


Blogger AndrĂ© Gabriel said...

Merry Xmas to you my friend!

1:05 AM

Anonymous Dad said...

Copper loved the picture, but was not too enthralled by your comment below it.
We were at Ginny Mohr's for dinner and were asked if your cats ever came to visit. I was forced to tell about them pushing cute little innocent Copper being pushed off the roof and breaking his leg. They were appalled at how ruthless your cats are.

1:50 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

For the record, there was no pushing involved. If some tagalongs can't keep their balance, that's nobody's fault but their own!

2:32 AM


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