Wednesday, April 12

A Wonderful Day

What's sad: That I had nothing better to do than play soccer after school with a bunch of elementary school kids.

What's awesome: That I got to play soccer after school with a bunch of elementary school kids. And we don't even speak the same language!

What's sad: That I got beat to the ball and deeked out by an elementary school kid.

What's awesome: That after he left our team won!

What's sad: That I'm bigger and taller than probably most people in this country.

What's awesome: That I made the kids laugh when their [male] sensei couldn't get the map up on the hook and I reached over his head and hooked it no problem.

Yes, today was my first day at my Little Elementary School (from here on out, LES). I was so nervous about being fun enough, being able to fill the time with educational, engaging activities, surviving in a school with no English teachers. And I did great! I had such a good day. I made kids laugh (actually, not that hard to do), played dodgeball in my shoes and khakis and got dirty but had fun. I played soccer, among other things, after school with the boys. (Next time I'll have to hang out with the girls... even though a game of soccer is so tempting...). I ate lunch - fish sandwiches and soup (delicious!) with the sixth graders (I think...), met really nice people and am really looking forward to going back! The next time, two weeks from now, we're going on a field trip, walking, to a dam near the school, so that should be fun, and I'll take lots of pictures of the kids! At the end of the day one of the teachers gave me a printout with little pictures that the teachers had taken during the day in my lessons. So nice! They gave me the color version!

A good day.


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