Wednesday, May 3

#36 Starting Over

Now, the first trip took about two hours, with stopping for pictures. One would think that going back would be no problem. Of course, there is the uphill factor to keep in mind.
Remember that mountain we went up and over on the way to Tsumago? And remember how the "halfway" point was really only about 2.something K in? Yeah. The first 5.5K back is about 95% (no exaggeration) uphill. And I mean uphill.
Needless to say, I did not take many pictures, as, like I said, I was on a mission. At one point a long string of expletives gave me the drive to get up a never-ending stretch of uphill madness.

If my shins could have reached around and kicked me in the colita, they would surely have done so. The ol' 'splints were hollerin' big time on the downhills (that is, once I got to the downhills).
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