Friday, May 5


Well, the rest of today went according to plan:

I had a jammin' run, where in spite of a painful cramp in my side I ran well and even made it up the one uphill stretch I have heretofore been too wimpy to attempt. Having an "audience" definitely makes you work harder. And here by audience I mean the row of cars backed up at the light back yonder. I couldn't look like a wimp, god forbid they should think I got all red-faced and huffy from just walking. So I did it and then sucked wind walking up the Devil Hill once I turned the corner.

I also managed to not spend a single yen today, which is good because the last couple days of "touristing" I spent more than I would have normally.

Plans for tomorrow include spending money. After much deliberation I've decided to go ahead and fix up a little garden in front of the house. I kept waiting for the landlord to do it, as he's a gardening machine, but so far the only thing I've got out there is the lonely little pot of yellow pansies the neighbors gave me before moving because I'd told them that they were my mother's favorite flower! Mom, you'd be in heaven with all the pansies around here! They're everywhere! Biiiig, small, all different colors.

Well, I definitely managed to complete the sunburn on my face and arms on today's walk. I thought I would get a respite tomorrow, according to this morning's online weather report, but apparently such will not be the case. That's cool, I'll be in the shade anyway in my little garden. I should do some weeding along the side of the house too. I just noticed that while washing the windows. Yikes.

Anyway, it's 8pm, the back windows are still open and it's not cold in here. Sweet Halleluiah. Although I'm sure the sunburn is helping in that department. I was starting to wish this holiday would end already, but now I'm looking forward to tomorrow! Hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!

PS, I watched Nathan's vlog from today (Bicycle Sidewalk) and it just made me love this country even more! This may be the "honeymoon" still talking, but I really hope things work out and I stay another year. I'd hate for it to be just one!

PPS: As for yesterday's report on Akechi/Nihon Taishomura (Japan Taisho Village), well, just check out Flickr. I'm too trip-reported out. Sorry, dudes.


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