Saturday, February 9


Cone hat and rice-stalk (?) sandals, in front of a farming goods store.

The forecast predicted snow today, and for once it was right about the weather. I guess it's hard to generalize about weather in a region that has flat parts and mountainous parts, but come now. You've got to get it right sometimes.

Same store.

Anyway... it started snowing around 10am or so, and didn't stop until just recently. If it stopped. I can't tell because it's dark.

Watch out for pianica-toting schoolchildren.

So, I took advantage of the interesting weather to test drive my new camera. The biggest problem I ran into, besides the small range of view (due to it having a 50mm lens and all) was that the darn snowflakes were throwing off the automatic focus! Some cool shots I had were bust when I got home, because the camera had focused on the flakes, throwing everything off! Oh, well, live and learn.

Lil P in the snow.
With a backdrop of rice-fields and bamboo. God, I love where I live.

In the late afternoon Lil P (AKA CP) and I went for a stroll in the winter wonderland, meeting up at a small country shrine near my house. We took advantage of the fading light to snap of few of Lil P in the snow. He doesn't get so much in Northern California...

Tomorrow I'm on my way to Nagoya in the continuing Quest for a Dress, for Aya-sensei's wedding... in TWO WEEKS! Wish me luck!

Lil P gives the new camera a whirl. I don't think we can blame the snowflakes here...
Wink, wink, P-chan!

PS: Thanks for the new winter coat, Mom! I was so toasty on our walk, and the hood even stayed up without tying or anything!


Blogger Melissa said...

YaY! New camera happiness!

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