Monday, January 28

My Cat is Missing

After my last post, I thought perhaps this might be one way to get the notice out there. People have found my blog for more obscure things, so why couldn't they find it for this?

My cat, Patty (pronounced with a Spanish a), has been missing perhaps since November 2007. She's most likely in the E. Eckerson Rd. area of Spring Valley, Rockland County, NY, as that's where she was living last, and that's where her brother was found two weeks ago.

She's a little wary of strangers, so she might not come easily, and is almost guaranteed to hiss. But she's a good, loving little girl once she gets to know you, and anyone who knows her can vouch for how affectionate she was to me and eventually to my mom.

Patty does have a microchip, so if you do find her, please take her to a vet where they will scan her and contact my family. Or you can contact me by email through my Profile.



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