Monday, September 1

Nakatsu Natsu Matsuri: Oidensai, Pt. 2

The second half of the night was the mikoshi parade. Local businesses carried mikoshi up and down... and up and down the street, with associated revelers adding to the festive atmosphere.
I inadvertently got a great spot at the intersection by the station. Hooray for crowded side-streets!

Japan Railways' Shinkansen and Nagoya Station

Look! It's Michael!


Kawaii, Moomin!
Gifu Shinkin Bank's adopted mascot

Can you spot Shona?

Fanning Bubbles

More of Melissa's Boyfriends Hey... I recognize that mask...

Chubu Electric Power


Cool Guys
Right before he dropped his megaphone on the pavement, smashing it to bits.

Warning: Watch for children with super-human strength wielding diabolically possessed automobiles. Both should be considered hostile and highly volatile.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy B-lated Abby. You look great!
Did you ever find your cat?

5:09 AM


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