Wednesday, August 13

Nakatsu Oidensai

Maria y yo

Even though I bought it last year, last night I finally had occasion to wear my yukata. Since I was "out of country" the last two summers, I missed all the summer festivals. Yesteray all the local gaijin were headed to the Nakatsugawa Oiden Matsuri. I wish I could tell you what the festival's about, but all I know is that last night were the fireworks and yukata and tonight is the mikoshi parade.

Showing off our yukata.

Since I'm so inept at putting on the yukata, Aki's mom graciously obliged and hooked me up with a lovely obi bow and obi-jime, and Maria tamed my hair and added a couple adornments. Thanks, ladies!

What's a festival without masks?

Watching the 'works.

Like many Japanese fireworks displays, last night's were held over by the river, affording prime viewing and a great locale. Each side of the river was lined with stalls creating a fun atmosphere.


So many Pooh's.

Making baby castella.
Not in the shape of Doraemon or Kitty-chan. Or babies.

Maria, Sayuri, Paul and I

Maria, Sayuri and Paul ooh and ah at the grand finale.
While I miss it taking pictures.

Grand finale

While Maria and Sayuri are candidly oblivious, Paul's Cam-dar goes into effect.

Some of the newbies - Chris, Micah and Jacob - and an oldie, Chris, are "surprised" by the flash.

You can take the kid out of Jacksonville...

Why is P-chan's car all alone? No friends! No friends!
Stranded in the middle, it was the last one in and the last one out.

Obi and obi jime

My obi bow, after a long night of riding in cars and trying to sit up straight.

In an unrelated story, even though it's mid-August, and super hot, what did appear in my house yesterday but a mukade in the bathtub. And a decent sized one at that, maybe 3 inches or so. And when I got home last night, what did I find in the hallway? Another one. About an inch smaller, but surely no less skeevy or venemous. They both found peace in some hot water and a quick flick out the window for the ants to take care of. Why aren't these mukade hiding underground? Get out of my house! So today's activities will include re-powdering the perimeter of mi casa. Out, damn mukade!


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