Wednesday, November 23

Movimientos Limpios, Vol. 1

Ok, for a change of pace from Tokyo, let's go to Costa Rica!

This past summer I spent two and a half weeks with my good friend Edgardo and his family in Palmares. I have known them since 1993, when I stayed with them during a mini "exchange" in high school: a group of kids from Palmares came to Buffalo and spent 3 weeks with us, in our homes, and in April of the same year we went down and spent a couple weeks with them. This was the trip that would change my life. But for pics on that, you'll have to wait.

For the whole kit and caboodle (again, those images that I chose to scan and upload), click on the Title. For more FUN and COLOR, keep reading!

Since my trip to Costa Rica cannot be organized by daily trips, I shall divide it into other sections. Today's discussion shall be: Around Palmares.

We start the journey with some street shots near Edgardo's house:

Coffee is the country's third largest export (after bananas and pineapples), and can be found EVERYWHERE. There are tons of local cooperatives for growers to sell to (or however cooperatives work), so if you're moving about in the provinces, chances are you'll run across a coffee field.

Some homes that form part of a building also shared by a small "super" or grocery store.

Down the street this church was in the process of demolition, in order to rebuild. However, it seemed to have met the fate of many projects: it had been sitting half-demolished for quite some time, and no progress was made on it while I was there. Not sure of its current condition.

Here are some views in and around the church:

The front door.

The interior.

A power box and wall. Just liked this one.

Next up: Memories of Palmares


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