Wednesday, November 23


Here's what we did our last night:


(Actually I did fall asleep a little bit, only because I was exhausted, the movie was at 9:30 - due to jetlag and physical fatigue I was normally starting to think longingly of my pillow by around 8 - we were in about the 4th row, and it was in Japanese. Imagine. The movie was great, though.)

On Tuesday I had gone to see the Steamboy exhibit at the Mori Art Museum, which was really cool. That day I also checked out the Hello Kitty 30-year celebration exhibit which was totally radical - a collection of Kitty in all mediums (media?), by many artists, some crazy stuff that I found totally amusing and, at times, laugh-out-loud funny. I can't find any good links, so I won't provide. You'll have to use your imagination or tuck it into the "had to be there" file.

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