Tuesday, November 22

Shhhh! Don't Tell Anyone!

Kyu Shiba Rikyu

This little park demonstrates what is so great about Tokyo: in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, one can find these little sanctuaries to stop and rest, reflect and wash off the insanity that lies outside. It is generally outshined by its larger neighbor, Kyu Hama Rikyu , but I liked it much better. As it is much larger, Hama Rikyu has more visitors and is more open in places. Shiba Rikyu has a much more private feel to it.

I happened upon Shiba Rikyu quite by accident - at the end of my journey from Zojoji - and was very pleased that I had. I was one of a handful of people in the park (to which one must pay a small entrance fee, but you get a brochure / map and cool tickets) and so by moving about, I easily became "alone" in the garden. Here are some shots:

But I'm not telling you where it is... you'll have to find it yourself!

(Who am I kidding, it's not that hard.. just past the World Trade Center)


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