Thursday, April 13

Fourth School

Sorry, no pictures today either. I have to wait until I feel a little more comfortable, which shouldn't take long in this, my fourth school which henceforth shall be known as... Cool School #3. Or CS3 for short. Cool school because I really liked it. A good time was had by all, and not all of the good times were at my expense, so that's a good thing!
When I got there, O-sensei from the BOE took me in to meet the principal, we chatted in English, I gave him some Platters chocolate Easter eggs and a postcard with a map of New York on it, explaining how far Buffalo is from NYC.
During the day I toured the school with the other ALT that's there, a JET. We went to 4 classes and I did my introduction in each. Bleach was the kicker each time. It was a nice intro to the school - the other ALT, now known as... "C-san", appears to have a great rapport with the kids, teasing them, messing around with them, speaking what the principal deemed "not so good Japanese". Oh, Kouchou-sensei!
I had lunch with a ninensei (2) class, with C-san, lunch was good - miso soup, a piece of pork, cold but delicious, some "salad" and some vanilla pudding for dessert, with a cool little fold-up paper spoon. Oh, and of course rice. This time I didn't feel so full, but I'm sure I can't say the same thing for C-san, as he went for extras after all the teachers were served!
After school, during club activities, the club captains (baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball, kendo, art, music, I don't know what else...) gave little speeches to the ichinensei (1) and showed them how well they can throw the ball or hit it with a tennis racket, etc., etc.. Then C-san took me for a tour of the clubs - we went to the gym and checked out the kendo warm-ups, then on to art where we did some art. He went on to the baseball field and I stayed and colored with some of the girls. They helped me practice my colors in Japanese, we played around with their names - they became: Mika - Mikan (orange), Mai - Mai Name Is, Mayu - Mayunaise, and Natsuki - Natto Suki Desu (I like natto). Good times, lots of laughs, good PR with the kids.
Anyway, I'm off to my first Japanese lesson, hooray! I'm ready for learning Japanese! Hanging out with the kids is going to be a huge help, I can tell already!

Keep the peace!


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