Wednesday, April 19

Half Day

Ah, the advent of a new BananAlbum! Of course this one isn't in it, just thought I'd brighten your day with a smile!

Today I had a half day, due to a teachers' meeting for the entire town. So on the way home I stopped at the Agigawa Dam, where I will be "walking" with my LES next Wednesday (can't wait to take those pictures!). I got about 5 minutes of sun while I was there, but the weather was fine and dandy and I was in good spirits. Must be if I can smile for myself!

My accomplishments for today:

1. (Well, this one's from yesterday) Finally realized that what I've been eating all this time were in fact Shiitake mushrooms. Mom, I tried, I really tried, when I suspected what they were and even after I knew, shovelling them in with the rest of the stew/soup. But I just couldn't do it anymore. That was the conversation yesterday with my lunch group: how Abbey-sensei doesn't eat mushrooms, but will try to eat them today. I left a couple. And beat one of the twins in finishing off my sweet french fries. De-licious!

2. Spoke Japanese a little, and made people laugh at tea time. Yea for me! I love my LMS! Baby steps.

3. Finally managed to NOT finish all of my lunch, with apologies. I was able to hide today's mushrooms under the udon (remember, it's my enemy) that I didn't finish. Dag, these people can eat! There were more in the fish dish, whatever you'd call it. The great thing about eating weird things here is that most of the time I have no idea what type of life form I'm eating - plant, animal, fungus, whathaveyou.

4. Aggravated my shin splints just a little bit more. Yes, they were sore today, boy, but it's Day Four of running every other day. Good For Me, but I really need to get my hike on.

5. Took my suit and some pants to be dry cleaned. Such a simple thing, but having to make arrangements and such in Japanese was very scary! I did fine, and the ladies over at Yamada Dry Cleaning were very pleasant! Now I just have to send a package at the post office and set up my account there! Eep!

6. Went to the grocery store without buying any chocolate or sweet snacks, even though I was kind of hungry. Tonight I had some rolls with delicious fatty tuna in them. Mmm-mm!

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