Monday, April 17

Let's Spanish!

Some artwork from Second School
censored by Yours Truly

Yes, I spent the day at SS today, and what with the beautiful blue skies that greeted me as I walked out the door, I was in high spirits for this new week. I think I felt more comfortable already having done the "first day" at several other schools, and I'd already been to this one so I went in with the Can-Do spirit! And things went fabulously. Of course, I had to ask about my schedule, at which time it was pointed out inside the desk that I was previously told I couldn't use. Three classes today, plus lunch and soji, a fine schedule! I think my next two visits I only have two classes scheduled. I can dig this gig!

Today I also finally met M, who I'd previously "met" via her blog, so sitting there talking to her was a bit surreal! I think we were both equally glad to see each other, and she turned out to be a super nice person! Plus she knows and loves Spanish, so we can keep it up together!

First period I was with A-sensei (last name rather common in this area) in the "Ayumi" class, AKA Special Ed. It was there that I met "Lizarina" V.'s Japanese gemela. Como me acordo de ti, chica! I really like the Special Ed classes, the kids are so cute, the classes are small, and they're so rewarding to work with.

At lunch we had "curry rice" which was de-lish, and I also got to eat it with a spoon - bonus! It's probably a good thing I've never had curry rice in Japan before, because this may have been an institutional version, so to my ignorant tastebuds it was tastalicious. Besides the curry rice with a spoon I also definitely ate peanuts (good, too!) with chopsticks. Even with my chopstick dexterity it was a painfully slow process. Also, peanuts are a "snack" item that one should ingest leisurely, over time, with plenty of drink. Today, however, I had to chow them with what was left of my delicious 100% Japanese Milk. I was still one of the last ones to finish. Even the big girl at my table managed to finish two helpings before I finished but one. One of these days I'm going to be one of the first... at which time I will most likely vomit it all up. But the achievement!!!

A little more PR with Kouchou-sensei (Gave him a box of Platter's assorted chocolates, what's up Buff!) and Kyoto-sensei (Vice-principal) (hanging with M definitely gives me in's since she can speak Japanese - thanks, man!). I think my goal in life is to be a Japanese principal. Unlike the principals I've known (no offense if you read this), they spend most of their time outside of the office. Most times I turn around to find Kouchou-sensei, but there is no Kouchou-sensei to be found. They're really like a figurehead, like a jovial grandpa to the school. They do gardening, chat up the ALT's, wander around the staff room and sometimes look "busy" (meaning they're doing something like trying to figure out how to work a computer). Not to be confused with Teacher Busy. That's a whole other bit. Japanese teachers are always rushing. Rushing to do something at their desk, rushing to class, rushing from class, etc., etc.. Man, Japanese people can hustle. Even I, with my long legs, have to work to keep up.

Anyhoo, new rating for SS: Fine diddly fine. No worries.
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