Saturday, April 8

Today's Lunch, 7 April

1. Two Japanese slices (thick) of bread
2. Pack of ichigo jamu (strawberry jam) for said bread
3. Juicebox of milk. Different taste, but delicious!
4. Packet of soy sauce for salad.
5. Delicious soup, tasted familiar, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.
6. Fried little fish, eaten whole, careful because they’re pretty hard at first and will poke you in the roof of your mouth. Learned the hard way. Sort of sweet with a fishy aftertaste. I’ll rate it: Interesting.
7. “Corn salad” with little cucumbers (?) and something else, not onions.
8. Kind of pork tempura or something. Good.
9. School chopsticks.
10. Placemat lent to me by H-san. Thank you so much!

This does not look like much, but put it on top of a small slice of birthday cake eaten about a half hour before, and at great speed, well, as fast as you can go with chopsticks… Man, I was full! Posted by Picasa


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