Saturday, April 1

Today's Shopping Trip - 30 March

Today’s Shopping Trip to Joy Mart

1. Kids, don’t think you’ve got the market on crunk. Except this one will only buzz your
taste buds.
2. Carbonara sauce for the ol’ angel hair. What the heck, we’ll see how it tastes.
3. The ol' angel hair.
4. Salt. Not like I need more than what I’m already getting here…
5. Nescafe Cappuccino. Hot drinks are in order these days.
6. Bananas. Tasty.
7. Salmon steaks. Thought I’d try out the fish oven today.
8. Meiji Milk Chocolate. I just downed the whole thing in one sitting and it was GOOD.
9. Some mix of meat and other sundry items. I plan on stir-frying it. I hope that’s what
it was meant for.
10. Some rolls. Turned out to be sweet.. a little too sweet for what I was after this
afternoon… The brown ones are sweet, I don’t know, wheat-based (?) wrappings
filled with rice. I ate a couple cold before I nuked the rest. They were better
warm. Came with free chopsticks. Ohashi. The only thing I recognized when
she asked me at the checkout line.
11. These yummy things I had at Enoshima island. So delicious. Actually, I had #12 there. But thought I’d try these ones too. They’re a squishy rice-based substance and apparently have a bean sauce-stuff on them.
12. See #11. Except they have a soy-based sauce.
13. Sugar. You always need sugar. Well, I don’t, but I did yesterday.
Unnumbered: Diced garlic. Never bought it before, but thought I’d do so. Might make
me cook more if I have to dice less. Posted by Picasa


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