Monday, May 22

Chippin' Away

On that cold, long, lonely day back in April I wasn't sure I'd ever say this, but I think I like GS as much as CS3. Yes, folks, it has won me over. I've had two good days in a row there, both with the kids and the faculty. Yahoo!

After school I was trying to leave early so I could run some errands and get some work done for Wednesday, but as I was walking by, some kids playing basketball called hello to me so I stopped and taught them how to play HORSE. We played two rounds, I learned some names (which I'll be checking for on the class lists I asked for and was eagerly given today), and had a good time. Of course I came in last out of 6 each time, but it was fun anyway. They now have the term "airball" down pat. And they called me "teacher," which in the US is not well-received because they should know your name, but here to call someone "sensei" in Japanese is fine. So the fact that they called me that, viewing me as a teacher, is great.

My shopping yatta's:

1.) At Kahma I was looking for little packs of tissues, and hit the jackpot: Bleach tissue packs. Nice! 236 yen later, I'll be blowing my nose on Ichigo and the gang for 12 packs' time.

2.) At Uny I saw one of my kids, and he smiled and waved to me. It's fun when boys do that, because they're usually too cool.

3.) At the 100 yen shop I ran into the school nurse from GS, and she made sure I saw her! Yattaaaa!

I also finally picked up a placemat-type-thing for school lunches. All the kids have these cloths that they use on their desks at lunch, and I have had to use either a tray or a napkin. Tomorrow I'll be busting out the Cinnamoroll "placemat". It was the best thing between Naruto or King of Beetles and Disney Princesses, with some in-the-middle ones. What I really want is a Bleach one, but so far my mission has not been fulfilled. If anyone knows where to get one, hook me up!

Well, that's the beat for now. Peace in the Far East. Posted by Picasa


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