Thursday, May 18

Abbey 26 Kyuushoku 2

This morning I was commenting to S-sensei, o'er at my CS3, that I was really hungry.

Me (working on my 'puter): I'm really hungry.
S-sensei (with an ominous smile): Really? Do you know what's for lunch?
Me (hesitatingly): What?
S-sensei (gesturing the size and shape with his hands): Squid.
Me: Nooooooooo!

Yes, the Big Purple Squid Body was back for a second round in one week. Fortunately, at CS3 I get served in a separate room and pick up my lunch before the other teachers and before heading to my lunch classroom of the day. Today I got there early as I had no class before lunch, so I quickly grabbed my squid with the tongs and dumped it back in the container before any teachers got there. Geeeeeh. The rest of the lunch was exactly the same as the LMS version two days ago. Actually, today's squid appeared to be grilled as opposed to boiled (?) and therefore not as crunchy.

Aside from the unpleasant entree, lunch was all Good Times. I sat with a good group, in the middle of the "table" as opposed to the end, and next to two girls who had chatted me up earlier. I whipped out some of the phrases from class today and a kid at the next "table" followed suit, hitting me with another that was totally appropriate for the conversation. Yes! Fulfilling my duties as an ALT - to make English real and their lessons make sense! Yatta! I also had great English conversation with the two girls at my table and another kid. And I was privy to Top Secret Information: that he has a girlfriend who he's been with for 9 months. So cute! I love my job!

Tonight I participated in a Twilight Seminar for any interested English teachers in town, particulary elementary teachers. Along with 3 other ALTs I presented a couple games to use for teaching English in the ELE. A good time was had by all, and some great PR was done, as three of my teachers from SS were there, even though they're JHS. Two of them even stayed after and got to have cake with us, provided by O-sensei of the BOE. He's pure Good Times. We laughed, we talked mukade, we had cake. As stressed as I was beforehand, I'm really glad I went. Good PR.

And now it's 11:02 and I haven't even changed into my PJ's or brushed my teeth and I'm still wound up. Must go to bed. But I'll be sure to check the covers before I do...


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