Wednesday, May 17

Body Language

A good time was had by all over at my LMS today. The ninensei learned body parts, and got to play Howell's famous Label the Model game. Well, it doesn't really have a name, but that's what you do. These pictures are especially cute to me, because somewhere I have pictures of my first ever high school class in Binghamton doing the same thing! At any rate, the kids had a blast, and A-sensei and I had a blast watching them. My only regret is that I didn't get more pictures of the girls (there are only 3 boys in this class, plus the Special Ed student who doesn't have English with us) while they were labelling. They were so cute! We had the sannenseis do the same game during the elective class, and they were equally cute! Sannensei Elective Word Exchange of the Day: "oshiri" and "ketsu" for "butt." Oshiri being the official formal term, ketsu being the informal term. Do you see what good work I'm doing over here?

I had a full day of classes today. The sannensei learned how to give directions so we played the blindfold-your-partner-and-direct-them-around-the-room-and-get-the-American-coins game. The Colombian 1000-peso coin was the bonus. Once they got warmed up, they had a good time too.

Lunch time was much better today - spaghetti in meat sauce, which was delicious. Maria, it was sweet like yours, but not as good, of course! There were even mushrooms, real mushrooms, in it, and I even ate them, trying to disguise them with the spaghetti. Ooh- and we had that little green muffin thing, so delicious. And the sweet crunchy fish. Little fish heads, and little fish eyes, little fish spines, little fish gills and little fish tails...

After lunch my supervisor came and observed me in the ichinensei class. The kids were great, we had a good time, and I got a great review! Hooray!

I didn't leave school until around 5:30, after harassing the kids at their sports practices. It was raining so the tennis and baseball teams had to practice under cover. They're so cute!

In spite of the rain, and maybe partially because of the beautiful mountain rain, I was feeling good, so when I got home I threw on the shorts, wicking shirt and sweatshirt, and sneaks and headed out for a run. The spaghetti from lunch had me charged and I did a good job. I was only going to make it a short jaunt, but when I got back to my "corner", I was feeling so good with the rain and my music I kept walking. I took advantage of the cover of darkness to do some sidewalk dancing, hitori, and probably scared the guy on the bicycle who I didn't notice as I was shaking my Groove Thang to Juan Luis Guerra's "Guavaberry."

That's all for today. Please enjoy the "following" pictures (above) from today's games. Posted by Picasa


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