Friday, May 26

Migration of the Mukade

Here at Chez Howell we've been upgraded to a yellow alert (or an orange alert, or red, or whatever the heck the government is using these days to scare people into supporting the president or the mayor of New York) on the Mukade front. After several days of a mukade-free life, I found Mukade #6 on the wall... in my bedroom. Folks, this is not cool. And O-sensei of the BOE, thanks for the jinx yesterday. You had to go and ask if I'd found any recently, didn't you?

Fortunately I'd just put on a pot of water to boil, so I grabbed the cleaning gloves and two tissues and SPLAM! nabbed the little sucker, wrapped him up in his tissue shroud and into the pot he went.

The situation over here is grave, I tell you. Not cool. Geeeeeehhhhh....


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