Wednesday, May 10


Today, finally, is payday. I haven't actually gone to the PO yet to take any money out, I'm saving that moment for tomorrow when I will finally go to send off my mom's Mother's Day present (Hey Todd - wink wink, eh, buddy!)

Today is the every-other-day-running-day, but it's rainy and my right ankle and knee are bothering me, so I'm taking the day off to veg. Plus I'm tired and feel a little off physically, so I'm here instead.

Today's topic: Why I Love My Little Elementary School

1.) The kids are so kawaiiiiiiiii!
2.) The faculty is awesome with me, chatting with me and making me feel at home. Today they were inviting me to a barbecue, the next enkai (faculty "meeting") whenever it is, and a showing of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I do enjoy me some Johnny Depp.
3.) The kids are so excited to see me and try to speak English with me.
4.) The views around the school are SO beautiful. Today I walked a group of kids home by myself. On the way back to school it was all I could do to contain myself with the joy I felt absorbing the beauty around me: mountains, rice paddies, Japanese homes, the impending rain in the air. So wonderful.
5.) I got to carry the yellow flag today! Coooooooool!
6.) The kids think I'm fast at eating lunch.
7.) The kids forgive me for my silly gringa-ness, instead of thinking I'm weird.
8.) Since they're little, they love to be experts in things, so they're quick to try to teach me their ways. Their desire to be with me and do things with me is also a motivator for their explanations.

School was shortened today because of home visits. Yesterday, A-Sensei and O-sensei of my LMS had to leave early to go do some. Today all of the LES teachers left early to go visit the homes of their students. I asked A-sensei how long they spend, and she said about 15-20 minutes at each home, talking with the children's parents. Wow! Imagine that in the States? Of course, for her, the kids' houses are so spread out that she spends a lot of time driving from one house to another. And I have to imagine that the houses are not easy to find as there is no such thing as Street Names or Numbered Addresses out there in the country. Here in town either. Only the main roads are labelled. The rest are just there.

Well, that's my update for today, not much to tell, a good day, but I'm tired. And hungry - time to think about whether the maki (sushi rolls) in the fridge are still good. They sound just about right... a couple gyoza on the side... nice. Typical Abbey-sensei dinner.


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