Monday, May 8

Yea, Hot!

Sunshine plus humidity plus big clouds makes for a beautiful afternoon!

School was rather unremarkable, my first period was "cancelled." Well, I was told there was nothing for me to do, so I could take some "free time." That's what I need, more free time. My second class went great as that group of ichinensei was really responsive to my intro and worked with me when doing the alphabet several times over.

Me: A
Them: A
Me: "ah"
Them: "ah"
Me: apple
Them: apple

Times several. I kept my sanity by doing a little chacha to the repeat beat and saying the words and letters in funny ways. I liked this group because they thought I was funny and not just weird. I even made the "I'm not so sure about you" kid smile by the end. He was the first one to say that he didn't like chocolate, poor soul. That lead to him getting picked on all class.

I thought I was in for a treat because I got the interactive class for lunch, but I was seated at the small Girls Table. Why there were only girls there, I don't know. Must be the way the rows worked out. Oh, and I'm using the term "table" loosely here - it's really their desks pushed together. At any rate, I managed to beat all of them and not eat my mushrooms. Actually, they were a table of Fake Eaters, that is, the ones who pretend to eat and act full when really they've only eaten a few mouthfulls of each item. Oh, girls.

After school I raced home to shave my bear legs (yes, bear), throw on some shorts and head out for a run. I LOVE to run in hot humid weather. Afterwards you feel so sweaty with a great clean sweat. When it's hot you feel like you worked harder, even if you didn't. But today I did - no stopping in spite of the cramp in my side and my shoulder (the two are linked, but that's another issue) and Wind Sucker's Hill has officially become part of my route. Looking at it today it's not that big of a hill, pretty wimpy, actually, but it's steep, I tell you! And when I was about ten paces from the top I ran into a couple of kids from today's school, whereupon I straightened my sorry self up and tried not to look as tired as I was. I think they were amused to see me. One of them, at least, was one of the more interactive kids, so he was happy to say "hello" "I'm fine" and some form of "gambatte" to me. Cool.

I arrived home to find a few fresh-cut flowers in a bucket next to my door, most likely from the landlord, so sweet! I wanted to bring them in, but there were a few bugs on them and I didn't want this weekend's insecticide inhalations to be all for naught. So they're sitting outside still, and I'll admire them as I go in and out. Maybe tomorrow morning I can shake the bugs off... we'll see.

Tonight's shower was de-diddlyicious as I stank to high h-e-double-hockey-sticks. Nice!

Now I am clean, fresh, in my summer pajamas with the windows still open at 8:30, ready for a restful night of sleep after two unrestful ones.

Thanks for joining me, gentle readers!

(Oh, by the way, I'll have some updates to the home site tonight, if'n you're interested!)


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