Thursday, June 1

Mukade Double Team #2

in the corner next to my desk and near the window where I was photographing its then defunct friend. So, back to the stove, got the pot going, nabbed the little bugger (no pun intended) and in he went. And off to the windowsill for his photo shoot. People, you must understand that this is not any kind of cool.
Now, I don't know if people are kidding with me or what, but I have heard from two people that these things come in pairs and mate for life. Sounds a little socially advanced for a bug like this (yes, I know ants and bees live together, but one mate? You guys are wacked!)

So, that was my morning.

Today was at CS3, an ok day, after school were the club activities so I finally threw on the gym clothes I'd brought and headed out to hang out with the tennis clubs. After chatting with the girls I wandered over to the boys' club (right next to the girls) where the coach handed me a racket and told me to join in. So join in I did. Of course I suck at tennis, never having really played, but living next to a tennis club (the paying kind, not the school kind) has put me in the mood to learn. So I did the serving drill for an hour and a half.

While I waited in line I chatted up the boys, another great afternoon of the kids using English to communicate with me. I even heard the kids behind me, not involved in the conversations, practicing their English with each other. So cute! I even taught one kid to dance salsa and my wannabe mambo. He even humored me and danced with me! Of course none of the cool guys would even try, even though I kept telling them: "Girls like to dance. Girls like boys who can dance," and warning them that they would be single if they didn't try to dance. Their loss! Afterwards the coach, who is cool, commented that he thought that that was the first time anyone had danced on the tennis court! Hey, it might not be the last!

Anyway, it's late, I've just looked at mukade pictures before bed (not cool) and I'm a little wound up in spite of my tiredness. So, off to brush-land and sleepy-time.

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