Sunday, May 28

Japanese Music

Looking for some?

May I direct your attention to HMV, an online music store. The joint's in Japanese but will accept "English" letters (romaji), and if you're hardcore enough you can install the Global IME with Japanese or do as I did and do whatever I did to get the Language Bar to work on your computer. However, the fun thing about HMV is that many times there is available that little feature where you can listen to a piece of the music - and they even have Suneo Hair (スネオヘアー). (If you've seen the anime Honey and Clover, you'll know his song "Waltz" from the outro.)

Please also check out:
Sony Japan Also has listening options and I'm currently enjoying their stream of video clips that introduce you to different artists.
Amazon Japan Last night I placed my first order on Amazon Japan - the items are scheduled to be delivered Tuesday or Wednesday. I'll let you know how it goes. It's not something I'll be doing frequently as the prices are ridiculous. But that's Japan.

The CDs I ordered are Bump of Chicken's Jupiter and Suneo Hair's Suneostyle. I have been enjoying those artists immensely. The next group I may be looking into is Asian Kung-Fu Generation, but not for purchase just yet!


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