Monday, August 21

Anime Plugs

So now that I only get one new Bleach episode per week, and regular TV is... generally not entertaining, it has beena constant search for quality anime to keep me entertained. Here's what I came up with:

Samurai Champloo
This series rocks. Or should I say, it's "slammin'. " Samurai to a funky beat. Old school in many senses of the word. Unfortunately it's only26 episodes, but sometimes limits are a good thing. Check it out. Wikipedia entry.

Honey and Clover II
I might have blogged about this one before... I watched the first series "back in the day," that is, last year. Been there, blogged that. The second season, new as of this summer, seems to be pretty good. Just a continuation of where it left off, only now it seems we're actually getting somewhere intstead of all the start-and-stall conflicts of the last season. So far, anyway. It's also been made into a live action movie (with real people) and is currently airing here in Japan. It's expensive for me to get to the movies, so maybe I'll wait for DVD... and subtitles. Wikipedia entry.

A new series for Summer 2006, I've only seen the first two episodes, but they look to be rather interesting in spite of an apparently mecha genre. The main character is a photojournalist so there are a lot of photo images that are pretty neat. See the Wikipedia entry.

Innocent Venus
Another new series that has been difficult to download, for one reason or another. That said, I'm about to watch episode 3 today. It takes place in the future, in something of a post-Apocalyptic Japan. Also has a mecha twist, but I'll forgive it. And I'll forgive the annoying little guy, too. So far.


Blogger gamera sez said...

When you took that photo of yourself and the homeless ojiisan showed up in the photo, where were you then, Tokyo? Ueno park? I have seen homeless there and also in Gifu City park benches also.

7:05 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

That was at Kokyogaien, at the Imperial Palace Gardens. I too have seen the blue tarp tents at Ueno. In my Tokyo experience, any shaded bench area is bound to have people sleeping, whether they are homeless, recovering from a night out or just resting.

7:13 PM


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