Sunday, August 20

Next Stop: Harajuku

So, leaving Nakano, I thinks to meself, where else might I be able to find anime merchandise? (You can start to get the picture of how my Day in Tokyo went - a failed mission - sorry for the spoiler - to find Bleach stuff). So, methinks, perhaps Harajuku, Land of the Cosplayer and Other Sundry Folk. Aside from Takeshita Dori (pictured above), the part of Harajuku I was in was more like the Land of the Big Bank Account Holders. With stores such as Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, etc., I could see that finding anime booty was pretty much not going to happen.

As I posted yesterday, I did go into Kiddy Land, which is a pretty sweet toy store. If you have the money and you want to get some neat gifts for kids, it's the place to go. It's similar to Hakuhinkan in Ginza in that it has a different twist each floor, but it's even better in terms of variety of offerings (it has an anime/manga/game floor) and quantity of offerings. One thing I did decide while there is that I hate Disney characters. So played out. Not Cute.

On the way back up Takeshita Street I was letting the video roll of people passing when two cosplay chicks stopped right in front of my camera. At first I thought they were just trying to stay in the picture, but then I realized that they were looking at something. The reactions of a couple other girls told me that the three dudes off to the left were to be recognized, although recognize them I did not. Take their picture, I did, and I will ask my kids later who the heck those three rather dorky guys were. Posted by Picasa


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