Friday, August 4

Please Enjoy My Nosehairs

This lovely photo of me "not making a silly face" was taken by future photographer, "Gabe" at our street's National Night Out gathering.

It was well commented on Tuesday night that our street seems to be showing a sort of revival. Those of us who have been on this street for a couple decades or more were reminded of block parties from the early 80s, where the hordes of young children running around were us and the young parents were our parents. Now there are new hordes of young kids and new young parents, and new groups of young neighbors meeting and collecting together, hopefully to produce a new "heyday" of our great street. It was a great way to come home. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Todd said...

I like to give a shoutout to the APL, Anderson PL. That street has always been the bomb with the exception of the summer when everyones bike was stolen. Big ups to the new folks breathing life back into the hood.

Ha ha, remember that one block party when Dietrich whizzed a watermelon rind at someone riding on the back of Bill's motorcycle? Oh, the memories.

Or when I unknowingly hit the mayor with a water balloon? Or when they gave Max so many hot dogs his belly was HUGE? Or the time all of the picnic table umbrellas were blowing down the street? Or when little tiny Joy hopped on the windshield of the car that drove down the street?

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