Friday, July 21

Schoooool's Out For Su-mmer!

Here the babies are practicing their cheering, presumably for the sports festival in September. See the video I posted at YouTube.

Yesterday was the last day before natsuyasumi (summer vacation), slightly anticlimactic with the babies, as they weren't really interested in talking to me. They were all smiles for me, though, I think they were just excited about being off from school.

I was slated to give my speech at 8:30 and managed to put the kiddies to sleep as I had to first read it very slowly to them so they could make a vain attempt to understand. Then K-sensei, the sub read her translation of it, then I did it again normal speed. Baaah! Afterwards all the teachers and students were given copies of the English and Japanese versions of it. I ganked a Japanese copy to see what I can do with it. I was told by Y-sensei that the Japanese is a little "strange", but that's understandable as translating is no easy feat. Especially when your English is sketchy.

The kids left at 11:40am, leaving us teachers with little to do. Well, I'll speak for myself. I was too tired for kanji and my shoulder was hurting too much to concentrate anyway, but the teachers were all working on their paperwork for their 3-day trip to Taiwan in August.

We did have a great lunch together, though - Melissa, you wish you were me yesterday, we had some serious unagi. Plus ginormous ebi tempura, some soup I didn't have, delicious fruits, rice of course and frozen yoghurt (which I also didn't have as I was stuffed).

Finally, when I thought the madness would set in from boredom and being tired of waiting for my Motrin to kick in a kill the pain in my shoulder, it was suggested that we hit the taikukan (gym) and play a little badminton. Hisashiburi!!! I love badminton, but haven't played it in years, not since the days of the Fall Campout at Uncle Stu's. A great time was had by all involved. After that Kyoto-sensei invited me to play a little ping-pong, which I haven't played since the days of Youth Group in the loft at KPC. Kyoto-sensei turned on the Japanese Style, with the hooked thumb, and I came back with the American Style we all know and love. By the time I got into a groove, it was time to finish, and Japanese Style ruled the day.

A quick change and sweat wipe, and it was off to a local izakaya for the LMS enkai, where beer and sake were had by some, and uron-cha (a cold tea) was had by the rest of us. Great times were had, I was happy as a clam to be sitting there with everyone, being involved in the conversation, and just soaking everything up.

When I got home it was raining, I was feeling good, physically speaking, so I grabbed the running shorts and headed out for a fabulous run. I didn't want to push it, as it was my first time out since I hurt my legs, so I took it relatively slow, but I ran for much longer than I usually do, and I felt like I could have run all night. When I got home and tried to stretch, I was all wobbly, my legs were so beat. Sweet! Look out, Delaware Park, here I come!!!!!

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