Saturday, October 28

The Death and the Strawberry

In lieu of a watching a new episode this week (they ain't none), I've been working on my Bleach Vol. 1 book, courtesy of Melissa (thanks, girl!). That was my afternoon - sitting in the weak sun, enjoying the beginnings of Bleach.

It's pretty slow going - I can only do about a page or two at a time, as I have to stop every other word and delve into my dictionary, but I'm learning!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awe Ichi-ni! He's so damn cute, especially en la manga! Why they gotta be getting all "bimiyo-" with the anime these days! Damn you Tite Kubo, and your firshluckina Bounto!

Doitashimashite amiga (^_^)

9:44 PM


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