Sunday, October 22


Yes, people, I am now the proud owner of a new pair of tabi - those special socks worn with kimonos and the accompanying sandals. Got them at Apita last night for 1890 yen. That's what I get for having big feet - otherwise I could have worn ones from wardrobe. Well, at least now I have tabi, and if I ever have to wear a kimono again, I've got socks.


Anonymous Robin said...

How big *are* your feet?

9:13 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

My shoes are a 9-10 US, here that translates into about a 26. The soccer cleats I got are 26.5, but the tabi I ended up getting were only 24-25. That's centimeters, apparently.

5:52 AM

Anonymous robin said...

lol - we have the same size of feet, so thanks for the sock/shoe shopping info!! :)

7:17 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

Yeah, and good luck, unless you don't mind wearing dudes' shoes!

7:38 PM


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