Saturday, October 21

Scenes From a Yochien

Wednesday I was assigned to the kindergarten that is next to and corresponds to my LES, henceforth known as LK (Little Kindergarten). As you may remember from my previous kindergarten post, kindergartens, or yochien, in Japan are for children ages 3-5. This particular yochien has 31 students: 20 3-year-olds, 8 4-year-olds and 3 5-year-olds. Or 3 and 8, but who cares.

Anyway, I first did a brief introduction and Q & A for all the kids in what would be a gymnatorium in an elementary school. During the Q & A I got asked "What color/fruit/food do you like?" at least 3 times each. Poor things couldn't think what else to ask. Afterwards the 3-year-olds took off and we did colors with the rest of the kids. How cute to hear them calling out the colors in English when we played "Color Basket." Especially when they quickly picked up on "Rainbow!", meaning everybody changes seats. Good Times.

And Good Times were had. Please enjoy the rest of the images below and the ones on Flickr.

Bathroom slippers, neatly lined up at the door. At the yochien the bathroom is unisex, with half doors on the stalls. Not to make my last yochien visit an exception, there was some naked bum at the doorway this time too. When the little streaker turned around, the kids yelled out "blue butt!" in response to her Mongolian spots.

Kindergarten teachers are special. The amount of organization, routine and pre-planning that goes into each day is incredible.

Undoukai Renderings

My personal favorite.
Slightly reminiscent of Enrique Bunbury's "Si".

The crowd went wild when the players from the NES Ice Hockey team showed up.

Washing up after lunch.

View from the book room.


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