Monday, February 11

Nagoya is For Lovers

Nagoya Meitetsu Station Shopping Mall

Well, it's Valentine's Time, so everywhere is for lovers... and, gol' durnit, for everyone else, too!


In the continuing Quest for a Dress, as promised I went into Nags (pronounced "Nahgs") yesterday with a wish in my heart and a whole lot of pessimism. Turns out it was well founded. Granted, the places I chose to look - primarily because I didn't know where else to go - were not the cheapest of venues, and on top of that, I found that "one size" is perhaps the norm. The one place that I found at Takashimaya with dresses for under 20,000 yen only offered them in "one size." Well, that doesn't help me because the sizes offered were a 2. Or something. I don't know, but they wouldn't have fit me in my wildest dreams.

So, I beat the streets, camera in hand, looking for interesting things to show you folks. Or just to take pictures of.

And speaking of lovers...
Need a lady in your life?

Apple Orange. That must indicate the variety of ladies you can enjoy.
Looking at the closeups of their body parts I actually feel sorry for these girls. The proprietors couldn't even have decent pictures taken of them. And they were just printed out and taped over the sign.

Japan's "traffic forecast."
Wondering which streets to take? Check the sign to see if your route is lit up - meaning it's jammed.

Be White.
Can you tell which option they're promoting?

O'er the river.

Todd, you'll be pleased to know that I stopped at Eiden and picked up a Lowepro bag for my camera. Where it is currently hibernating.


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