Wednesday, May 7

All Good Things

Ano Melissa?!

Must unfortunately come to an end. Melissa's stay in Japan was not to be the exception. This morning we parted ways at the train station, amid arriving and departing high school students.
Let this extravaganza of puri serve as commemoration of our month and a half of Good Times.

Of course we wouldn't neglect Joseph on Kodomo no Hi (literally, "Children's Day", "Boys' Day" in practice.)

In spite of all his "protests," Chris is a natural in the puri booth.

Ah, spam (the e- kind, not the canned kind) brings such inspiration.

Name that SNL reference...

... and Magome

And this reference...

And this one.

All this... minus a couple that didn't transmit to the keitai...

... and a couple more I'm saving for later.


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