Sunday, March 30

Tsumago-Magome-Tsumago... Again


My BFF in Japan, Melissa, rolled into town Sunday night with her brohams, Chris, and it's been all fun and games ever since:

Monday: easy morning, trip to Nagoya Immigration Bureau to apply for a visa extension: took about two hours longer than expected, included walking around the Marunouchi/Sakae area for about two hours.

Gifu... Nagano... Gifu... Nagano!

Tuesday: Last year's LMS in the morning for class, Onigokko (Tag), lunch and Kaerinokai. Actually, it was a great morning, Aya-sensei's last day of classes, the kids were totally awesome, a tribute to their country upbringing and Aya's awesome homeroom/English teacher skills. I had a super kyushoku with them (thanks, Suzuki-sensei, for trading for my onigiri!), loads of fun playing and talking with them. I'm so proud of them and of my Aya, who should by now be moved to her new place... I miss her already!

Me and the Chasse Kids, all in one. Enjoying the plum blossoms.

Tuesday Afternoon: After sprinting around with the kids in the morning, I joined Melissa and Chris for some badminton, then a long walk through Sakamoto which depleted any residual energy I might have had.

Chris makes a perfect Old-Timey photo.
Thanks, picnik.

Wednesday: A chill-out day, with a nightcap of enkai (teachers' party) in Hirugami, Nagano Prefecture. The whole point was to get in the onsen, but as I was riding home with the only two other people who weren't staying over, we didn't get a chance...

She's (Got) Ba-ack!

Thursday: A walk from Tsumago to Magome to Tsumago, about 2 hours each way. The weather was fine, sweating was done, pictures were taken, Good Times were had, goheimochi was eaten, muscles were abused.

Thursday Night: Dinner with Kachi-sensei and Aya-sensei at our favorite restaurant.

Friday: A chill morning, with a couple errands including puri, Chris felt the pain of the weak dollar at the bank, a drop-off at the train station, and then on to dinner with Kurt, Kimiko and Nigel as a "Bye-Bye Kurt" night.

Look out for sparking coal.

Saturday: Sitting on my duff and doing absolutely nothing... except sushi with the crew.

Sunday: A 10:02 train to Nagoya and then on to Kyoto to meet up with Melissa, Chris and my old penpal Yasuko. Oh, Joseph, get your lazy bootang out of the closet!

After visiting with a lonely, and hopefully currently safe dog, Melissa helps Chris get the doo-doo out from the treads in his boots.


Blogger Todd said...

Ha ha, doo-doo stick! I hope Chris learnt his lesson: never go near dog poo without a street curb nearby.

I hope Melissa chasse-d him with that doo-doo stick like a good sister.

4:59 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

Actually, there was fresh running water right there! Good for rinsing away the scraped poo.

11:38 PM


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