Friday, March 14

Happy White Day!

White Day offerings from Comme Ca ism.

After school today P-chan and I met at the local Apita to pass the time and so I could find a present for my "niece." (Happy 2nd Birthday, Laurita!) Since my little camera is still on vacation, the P-ster graciously allowed me to use his. The original intent was to get some White Day Goods shots, but a trip to the department store with a camera would never stop there. Please enjoy our antics and get a glimpse into Shopping in Japan.


Need a towel?

Seeing as today was White Day, the shelves were a little bare by the time we got there.

Please Stitch, let me sit on your face.

It's reversible!
I look like I'm out of the Australia lesson from New Crown.

Those are for little girls. Seriously.

Those are too...

No, that's not a prop from Robo Cop. It's a Granny Visor to maintain that white complexion.

The new school year will be starting in a few weeks, so the backpacks are out. Unless the school has uniform backpacks (usually yellow, in my experience, and probably much cheaper), you have to get one of these.

Note the price.
If you can't see, it's 45,150 yen. That's about $450. Needless to say, you'll use that backpack for a few years.

I put it on just like the "model" was wearing it, I swear.

Also just like the "model" had it on.

This time I didn't even bother to take it off the "model".

The best thing about that hat is, it's not even a cowboy hat. Just your run of the mill floppy Grandma Hat. But Lil' P really pulls it off.

Hina Matsuri displays. I have to think they're on sale... ka na...

Countertop dishwasher.
Says me, if you need a dishwasher that small, you're just plain lazy.

A harrowing experience on the exercise "Jouba" (Horseback riding)

Editor's Note: As Valentine's Day is dedicated to the boys, White Day is the chance for girls to get sweets from any kind gentlemen in their lives. I was lucky enough to get a bag of sweets from the male teachers at my favorite school.


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