Sunday, May 11

Tokyo for Golden Week: Day 2, Chapter 1 Kappabashi Dori

Niimi Chef

Since I'm still not done going through all of Monday's pictures, I've made the decision break Day 2 into three parts. There are just too many pictures!

Joseph and I outside Tokyo Biken (?), a food sample shop.

Monday morning found us en route to Kappabashi Dori, a famous street in Asakusa lined with restaurant supply shops. If you're trying to find your way there (as I did on a previous trip, to no avail), simply look for the Niimi Chef atop the corner building.

As it was Golden Week, many of the shops were closed, but enough were open to make it interesting, and by far worth the trip.

Ice cold beer, anyone?
Look at those prices. Yipes!

Fixin's for a fine nabe.

Melissa hard at work.

Pasta galore.

I almost went for that imo tempura, but I got the kabocha one instead.

You can never have too many signs.

At a second, way more expensive sample shop.

Sorry, Jo-Jo, that ramen isn't real.

Nor is that kitsune udon...

Sorry it's a little blurry, but you get the idea.

That's a pricey knife!

Joseph takes a break atop a kappa, a Japanese mythical river creature.

Melissa and Joseph figure out the quickest route to Starbucks.
After looking at all those ultra-realistic food samples, our morning bellies were grumbling and our moods were thus cranky.

Next stop: Sensoji area of Asakusa


Blogger Melissa said...

Ooh I was so hungry! Why does the fake food have to look so dang deliciouso? And when did my feet become Japanese?

2:19 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

Oh, man! I was totally going to comment on the "kawaii-ness" of your stance! That's it. You've been converted!

6:24 AM


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