Saturday, July 19

No!!!!!!!!! Drugs

Blue for Ninensei
At a sweaty, sweaty, boring, sleep-inducing assembly about blog safety.

As of 4:04pm Thursday afternoon I am officially on Summer Vacation. Now, my job really isn't that difficult or taxing, but believe it or not, spending many hours a day at a desk doing close to nothing can actually burn you out. There's only so much studying/ notebook checking/ internet surfing a person can do.

Green for Sannensei

The highlight of my sweaty, sweaty week was on Wednesday when I got to go to taiko class with some of the 2/3nensei. I'm not usually at that school on Wednesday, so I've never been to taiko before. Great Times were had, as I got to play along. Of course it was just the repetitive, easy beat on the small drum, but it was super fun. I love this school, but their taiko is nothing compared to the taiko of two of my first year schools - LMS and TMS (or whatever I was calling the Super Taiko School back then). Those guys hook it up.

How to express your feelings
What she's saying: My stomach hurts.
What she's thinking: I really want to go to the Nurse's Room.

What she's saying: Eeh?
What she's thinking: How long has it been hurting?... I wonder what's causing it... Will my stomach start hurting too?... Could it be her appendix?... Should I call an amblance?... It looks like it's getting bad... I'm worried, so I should tell someone!

What she's saying: Would you take me to the nurse's office?
What she's saying: Sure!
What they're thinking: Phew!

And then there were three.
Plus one.

Today the second (middle) cocoon was open, with no butterfly in sight.
A question you may have is, what's that unwieldy stick coming off of Abbey's new marigold? Did she perchance purchase some shoddy plants from the school flower sale? No, kind readers, please look more closely.

But anyway... today Lil P and I are on our way to Nags for some errands and such. Spending money, but trying not to spend too much money. And trying to stay out of the heat and sun as much as possible. Supposed to be around 95 and sunny all day in town, 97 and sunny in Nagoya. Get me to a Starbucks, stat!


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