Sunday, July 20


Yume no Bra
Dream Bra.
And yes, those are TVs in the windows.

As promised, Lil P and I went to Nagoya yesterday to run our errands. And with the exception of a couple items, we were wholly successful.

P gets in the willow tree.

An Indian family on the streets of Sakae.

Missions Accomplished:

1. Plane and train tickets for this summer's trips.
2. New lens for my SLR.
3. New Bump of Chicken CD.
4. Starbucks.

Sumo wrestler.
As I took the picture, a passing woman commented to her friend:

"A sumo wrestler. I never noticed it before..."

The joy of photography. Tuning people in to what they'd never thought to look for before. Even a simple square on the street.

Hirokoji at Night

Canal view from Nayabashi on Hirokoji.

Twenty's the limit, and if you don't have the card, no vending machine cigarettes for you.

It Works!
First test picture with my new lens.

In summary, it was SUPER hot yesterday, but Good Times were had, dogs were tired, kilometers were walked, pictures were taken, good food was eaten, missions were accomplished, and now I'm listening to my new Bump CD. Oh, Motoo-kun, keep 'em coming.


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