Wednesday, September 3

Tanoshimi! or The Three P's


Back-to-School in Japan means three things: Post-vacation testing, Presenting summer projects and Preparation for the Taiiku Taikai (Sports Festival, although it doesn't really include any official sports per se, except for running).

Yesterday most of us ALT's had no classes due to testing. Today was back to normal, with the exception of the time spent presenting the kids' summer projects in class and an afternoon of practice for the upcoming Taiiku Taikai.

I love Taiiku Taikai Time as all the events are super fun and hanging out with the kids outside of class is always a treat. There were times today - as there often are - when my eyes teared with the cuteness of the kids and I couldn't get the KoolAde smile off my face. Sometimes I just can't take it.

A dragon made of sticks. Very cool.


Thanks to Fukaya-sensei, I was clued in to the project presentations. While I was distracted looking at pictures of a kid's pictures from his trip to Malaysia, young Yujiro snatched my camera and went to town. It was cool until he started going through the pictures already on there asking if each male was my "darling." Despite my adamant denials, he and his friends left the room discussing my boyfriends.

He was sure to get some pictures in of himself too.
Wait, maybe I took this one...

Only a week and a half until Taiiku Taikai!


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