Friday, February 13

My Inaka Day

Inaka House
With a ladder out for trimming the hedges. The house can go to pot, but the hedges will always look smashing.

The first pictures are for those of you who've only been in Tokyo or any other big city in Japan. They're fascinating and exciting, so much to see and do, and I love Tokyo. But there's a whole other side to Japan...

Dormant Rice Fields
And if you look closely, you can see my beloved Ena-san on the right, although she's pretty whited out.

I think this was the day it was soooo foggy. And then I crossed the gorge, made my turn, and suddenly everything was blue and sunny.

Keep 'Em Comin', Mom!
The part of my job where I check homework notebooks is always an adventure.

Leftovers from a very dichotomous lunch.
Heavenly Goheimochi (well, it was kyushoku goheimochi...) and Squid.
Complete with inner stringy things. I gave mine away first chance I got.


Blogger Tabag said...

The kyushoku looks disgusting

3:02 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

It was. But this is only the second time in three years that that ika has come out (Japanese English - deta).

7:28 PM


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