Wednesday, January 7

Heian Jingu at Midnight

In a midnight frenzy, visitors to Kyoto's Heian Jingu scramble to get the first omikuji (fortune) of the year.

First, you shake a metal can until a slender wooden stick falls out of the small hole in the top. The stick will have a number and perhaps a hiragana character on it. Take that to the stand and pay 200 yen to receive the corresponding fortune - good or bad. If it's good, take it home with you. If not, tie it neatly onto a pole, wire, string or tree on the shrine grounds in the hopes of leaving the bad fortune behind.


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Dear Abbey!

Happy New Years!!

It's Sam Porter writing. My and I wanted to thank you for that wonderful nengajo that you sent us. Unfortunately there was no return address so we've been unable to send you a card back. We'd like to write a more substantial note to you. Could you possibly give us your email address or address in Japan. My email is

Again thank you so much!

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