Monday, December 29

Sabishi... kunai!

Paul gets the yaki-ing going.

Yesterday I was a 5th wheel, but it was all good. I met up with Lulu and Jorge for dinner at Paul and Aya's, and we had a lovely time "grilling" meat and veggies and picking at other delicious yet unhealthy treats.

Joseph, who hung out by himself in the other room all afternoon, suddenly gets inspired, but needs a little help from Aya.

On the way back from Paul and Aya's, I stopped in Nagoya for some Starbucks and remembered that the Illumination was up. So Joseph and I took pictures together and of each other (well, me of him) around the displays.

I was starting to feel a little silly taking pictures by myself with a puppet (no offense, Jo), when suddenly I felt a tug on my sleeve and when I turned around, there was my Aya-sensei whom I hadn't seen since the summer. It was a joyous reunion and we made plans for me to stop at her house on the way back from Kyoto this week.

Ever since Kyoto, Joseph's been into climbing trees.

Then Joseph and I took a lot more pictures.

Joseph gets silly.

Joseph is a jama.

Joseph Loves Bread

Joseph Joins a Drum Circle
Because nothing says "Christmas" like bongos.

Nagoya Station's Second Floor Illumination Display

Towers Lights
I'll be that took them all of no seconds to come up with.

The Meeting Place at Nagoya Station

And then I went home.

Deep Cleansing Oil on the Chuo


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