Sunday, January 10

Big Cat Christmas Eve

Wow, it's been so long since I posted, the whole look of this thing is different.  Not only that, but the apparent "upgrades" to the site have made managing photos darn near impossible.  With that in mind, please excuse the random layout you see here.  Grrr!

Anyhoo, I finally decided that I might be in the mood to post something, and since I finally have pictures that are somewhat interesting (read:  pictures), I figured I might as well strike while the iron's hot.

For Winter Break I jetted down to Florida's Nature Coast to spend the holidays with my family.  I got there on Christmas Eve, and our second stop on the way home from the airport (after Atlanta Bread Company) was the Big Cat Rescue (Formerly known as Wildlife on Easy Street) in Tampa.  I'd been there once, several years before, but my brother hadn't, so we took advantage of being in the area to take a tour.

A bobcat cutes it up for the tourists.

In spite of the Fun Police making sure we didn't stick our arms in the enclosures, the tour was grand, our guide was both informative and funny, and we had a lovely afternoon in t-shirts in December.

I'm so frustrated with this formatting, I'm just going to let you peruse the pictures. 

Back at home, I stuck the last ornament on the Advent Calendar and enjoyed the Christmas ambience in spite of the 70-degree weather.  Good Times.

And Coopie provided many the photo-op.
Good Kitty.


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