Monday, May 4

Kyoto for Hanami, Vol. 2 Day 1: Daigo-ji

I *Heart* Ena-san!
Aya, Jo, Paul and me in front of my Guardian Mountain

After moving out of my beloved little house and my beloved little town, I spent the night at my friend Aya's house and then shuffled on to Kyoto for another season of hanami and maiko.

A panorama of the view from Nagoya Station.
Of course the Shinkansen platforms get the better view...

Opening Ceremony

We made a quick stop at Yasuko and Sachiko's apartment to drop off my stuff and chill for a minute. On the way, we happened upon the opening ceremonies for a new park parallel to Nijo-jo. What had been, until then, nothing really, is now a place to walk, run, hang out, what have you, complete with a man-made stream. Nice.

Nishiyama Toku-kun

The bus that took us back from the station was decorated not with advertisements, but with the drawings of city elementary school children. Kawaii!!

Bicycle Parking
At a subway station

Daigo Community Bus
Turns out, it takes longer by bus than it does on foot. And feets is free.

The first day's outing was a trip to Daigo-ji. We got a two-part ticket, but only had time for the first half that day.

Surprise Attack
Oh, the many ways that this jacket is inappropriate.

Koreans in Kimono
And speaking of wartime ills, most of our ride to Daigo-ji was filled with Yasuko's commentary on how surprised she was to see these three in kimono, seeing as many older Koreans, at least, due to Japan's unsavory activities of the early 20th century, would not be caught dead in one.

Joseph and his Ticket

The Bou-san and the Jii-san

On a tight schedule, we didn't get to see most of Sanboin - inside the buildings, the gardens, etc. We just had time for the hanami.

An early blooming sakura, the "kan" in "kanhizakura" means "cold."

Enjoying tea and treats under the sakura.



After Daigoji we jetted to meet Yasuko and Sachiko's dad for some delectable delights on a stick: kushiage. We got the Keep 'Em Comin' set, so every few minutes a new kushi appeared on a plate on the counter above.

Cutie-pie cook on the right.
Too bad I couldn't get him to go.


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