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Kyoto for Hanami, Vol. 2, Day 2, Part 1: Toei Eigamura

Me, Glorious Me
In a Heian Juni-Hitoe getup. More to follow.

(Disclaimer: This post is going to start with the goods, simply because I ended up uploading them last. Which means they're at the front. And there are too many other pictures to shuffle them all to the end. Note to Blogger: Is there any way to do that in a more efficient manner?)


My second day in Kyoto, the girls and I went to Toei Studio Park (AKA Eigamura) for some Goode Olde Fashionede Edoe Periode Tymes. Oh, that and so much more. Which is why today's post is only Part 1 of Day 2's adventures.

Jinrikisha Kitty
Yes, I already have two Jinrikisha Kitty's, but they're all different.
But they all have see-through wheels. (^_<)
Yasuko had previously been to Eigamura with her friends, and they'd all dressed up in various period outfits - ninjas, samurai, ladies, whatever. So of course she felt that I should do the same, to get - the word of the day - funiki. Funiki means atmosphere, ambience, and since we were going to an Edo-themed park, it seemed fitting to bring along our own funiki. However, even the cheapest package was well out of my budget.

Eigamura Kitty

Soooo, in lieu of me dressing up, Yasuko and Sachiko "threw on" some kimono, did up their hair, and off we went. I wore layers myself, but the top one was a turtleneck. And a fleece on top of that. Not funiki.

Shinsengumi Kitty
Yes, I have a couple of those too, but again, they're different.

Once the girls had gotten themselves all dolled up for the excursion (an idea which turned out to be fabulous, by the dub), we headed to the bus stop at the corner. Sort of.

New Bus
Complete with New Bus Smell.

New Bus Seats
Note the momiji and sakura, and other Views of Kyoto.

Yasuko and Sachiko get tickets.

Joseph and his ticket.

The tickets were 2200 yen, I think, which is steep, but worth every yen. So fun. Especially if you have kimono-ed pals to photograph.

Entering the Land.
Note that the writing on the sign goes right to left.

So much to see, so much to buy, so much to eat!

Our first stop was to see a presentation in the Nakamura Hall, after which we moved on to the 3-Minute Studio.

Choosing a Get-up

At 2900 yen for one picture, I wasn't planning on really doing it. But at Yasuko's "insistence" I decided to get the Heian Period Juni-Hitoe look and go for it.

Getting Posed

It really does only take about 3 mintutes - a small team of wardrobe folks have you tacked up (right over your clothes) and in position before you know what you've got on. Then the picture is snapped and the crew comes back to undress you again. While the next customer is being prepped in the wings.

Heian Peace

Yasuko snapped a billion pictures during the process, but as they're unflattering, I'll only present a few to you here.
Note to self: Full sideburns and a giant wig should be avoided in the future.


Sanbun de OK!
So hard to choose...

This little guy was lucky enough to have his parents shell out for the dress-up package.

Hoping for a ride in a palanquin.
Imagine if my long American legs had to fold up in there for any length of time...

My and a Tayuu. Being good.
As I'm in the market for a new job, I figured the tamer of this series of pictures was best. Not that the others were SO bad...

Down on the corner, out in the street.

Cutest Ninja EVAR.
It wasn't my idea for him to pose, but pose he did.


Olde Toilette.
Poopin' in a hole. Before they had tiles to make cleaning easier.

What it all comes down to.
I wasn't quick enough to snap the dangling legs of the kids who were dropping down through the hole.

Edo Cosplay
Yasuko and Sachiko weren't the only ones bringing the funiki.

Kickin' ketsu and taking names.

Me and My New Friend

When we came across the "Pink Lady", we asked to take a picture with her. Of course, Yasuko had "many pictures" in mind, so the Pink Lady suggested we walk a bit. She commented on the weather, so I turned it into a whole conversation among friends.
Goode Tymes.

Crossed Sword Head Shake

Back at the same theater where we'd seen a previous presentation, there were fight scene demonstrations going on. And a cute little cutie pop (TM Suzanne) trying his hand. So cute.

Abbey-sensei, Defender of Homes Against Fire

I love a good hands-on experience, and Eigamura is full of them. You can touch everything, and even play with many things and go into the rooms. It's all about being part of the scene.

Firemen's standard and lantern perhaps for identifying the brigade.

Kidz Sake

These two were so into their playing, I got away with a few pictures before the girl turned around and caught me. With some displeasure on her face. But that little boy was too much.


How you doin'?

Eigamura Has Sakura Too

Have you seen these guys?

These two were paying cosplayers, but that didn't stop Yasuko for asking them to walk in front of her to add funiki to a picture.


Whatchu got?

Outside Looking In

Little Maiko

High-Wire Ninja

Just Joshin' with the Boys
The boys of Mito Komon fame.

Joseph, Sasaki Sukesaburo, Mito Mitsukuni, Atsumi Kakunoshin
Joseph, Harada Ryuji, Satomi Kotaro, Goda Masashi

We met these boys on the way out - and on our way to Koryu-ji just down the street.


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