Tuesday, February 16

Happy Chinese (Terra Cotta Warriors) New Year!

 Joseph and His Ticket

In spite of the weather, my mom and other folks' canceled trips, a few of us made it to the Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit at National Geographic in DC.  Strapped with the cambra, I was disappointed to find that photography was prohibited, but it was a great experience.  In lieu of pictures, I've scanned a few postcards I bought at the gift shop.

 Kneeling Archer

 I was pleasantly surprised to see that the exhibit was much more extensive than I'd anticipated.  Remembering the layout from the last time I was at Nat Geo, I imagined a few warriors displayed here and there in one room.  Instead, they created several smaller, connected rooms with warriors and other artifacts from the site and tons of information about the time period, the dig and the artifacts themselves.


The warriors themselves were so excellent.  Having seen them, I'm itching to get to the real site of the Terra Cotta Army in China.


 After exiting the exhibit, many were pleased to find a replica warrior for pictures.  Of course, Joseph was a hit, drawing an audience.  Even when we had some technical difficulties with the camera, no one jumped in to take our place.  Oh, Jo, you're such a star.

Perhaps they thought he was an official member of the dig team what with his snazzy Adventure Vest!

So yesterday was Chinese New Year, American Time... and next week is the parade in Chinatown, DC.  Here's hoping nothing stands in the way of me getting there, taking pictures and having a new experience!

(Check out the section for teachers - even if you aren't one, it has great info, pictures and even a printable mask! )

Chinese New Year for Kids


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