Thursday, February 11

Blizzard 2010: Round 1, Day 2 "And So It Begins"

The Blizzard of 2010 came in two rounds, as the news stations dubbed them, starting on Friday, January 5th in the afternoon and kicking off my Snowcation with an early dismissal.  On Saturday morning, the chipping-away began to keep the task from getting too great.

 My roommate gets started on the front walk.
Already at least a foot and a half.

 When I came out to take pictures, she noticed that one of the brackets on the awning had broken, so she took to cleaning it off as best she could.

 Our next-door neighbor pokes her head out, and informs us that they'd lost power around 2am.

 As the piles were getting too high and our arms too weary to lob the heavy snow, my roommate decided to make a path around the street side to ease the dumping over lower parts.

 By the afternoon, the snow was high, giving the sheds neat little caps, and had even piled nicely on the window sills.

 The trees were magnificent.


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