Monday, November 28

Day 5: Ueno Koen

My next outing was a return to Ueno Koen (see Abbey's takin' us to the zoo tomorrow...)
with the purpose of seeing some cherry blossoms. These are it. Unfortunately for me, the blossoms were late this year. And much to the chagrin of other park visitors:

The tradition is to come, manage to lock down a spot under the trees and enjoy them with some friends, family, coworkers, all the while eating, drinking and whatever else one might do under cherry trees in public. I took this picture because I was amused by the lively young kids parked next to the more austere, suited adults. Such is Japan.

Tokyo Metro lanterns.

Getting a hair cut by the pond.

Offerings of the flea market.

Shitamachi Museum.

While small, this museum is really pretty neat - On the first floor they have recreations of homes and businesses on an old Tokyo Street. On the second floor there are games and other "scenes" from the same time period. You are invited to enter some of them, but don't forget to take your shoes off!

Leaving Ueno Koen one can find Ameyayokocho, or Ameyoko for short, a lively shopping "alley" where one can purchase all sorts of things.

West Side Tokyo, yo!... Or... Northeast Side... uhhh.... what?


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